This sweet box includes
Bate Bate Handmade Chocolate Bar
La Chupacabra - With a base of 70% Belize dark chocolate, we then spiral and whirl creamy goat's milk white chocolate and top it off with scarlet chunks of strawberry.

Bate Bate Drinking Chocolate Tablet Cinnamon
This disk combines the sweet, woody fragrance of a cozy cinnamon stick with our mouth watering organic Belize beans. 

Candy Club Blush Bears
These precious little bears are made even sweeter with their wholesome non-GMO ingredients! Their naturally-colored grape, cherry, and watermelon flavors make a delightful display. Non-GMO.

Candy Club Sour Strawberries 
Fresh strawberry taste dusted with a mouth puckering sour sugar. These sour strawberry gummies are sure to become a household favorite! Gluten Free.

Cookies by Carleen Three pack homemade cookies

Dulce Box