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Curated gift box featuring Three 12-ounce bags 

Whole-bean, Organic, Fair Trade Coffee from Local Roasters.

Michael Thomas

Little Bear

Villa Myriam 

Explore the "Land of Manana" favorite local coffee shops in the comforts of your home or send a piece of home to your friends and family near and far because we all know, a good day starts with a delicious cup of coffee.


Our Manana Coffee box will help you ease into each and every day with joy as each coffee featured is organic fair trade with origin stories that celebrate dignity, and respect to the farmers. Taste each coffee one by one or side by side to discover your coffee VIBE



Michael Thomas

Alba Rose 66 Honduras Fair Trade

Flavor Notes: fruit punch, papaya, candied citrus, sweet, clean with a silky body

Grower: Alba Rosa

Mill: Comsa

Region: Marcala

Process: Natural

Variety:  Catuai, Caturra, Lemira & Pacas

Harvest: November - March 

12oz Bag

New Mexico and Michael are a match, a transplant of 28 years, Albuquerque is his home. The Air Force brought him here and teaching in APS broadened his understanding of his new home. His decision to open a coffee shop was based on a passion of coffee and a commitment to community.

With this mindset firmly in place, Michael Thomas Coffee open it doors in 2004.

Since its opening, Michael Thomas has been home to many, including Michael’s own daughters whom both grew up in and around the business. 

After graduating from UNM both of Michael’s daughters, Alyson and Katelyn, have found their way back to the coffee shop to pursue their passion of coffee and community that Michael Thomas has provided for over ten years.

As a family-run business here in Albuquerque, our goal has been and remains simple: to provide a consistent and quality product and experience to all of our patrons.


Little Bear

All Sick Blend

Albuquerque colloquialism describing something of the highest quality.

Coffee: 33% Washed Ethiopia, 33% Natural Ethiopia, 33% Guatemala

Tasting Notes: Cherry, Tangerine, Nougat

Variety: Assorted

12oz Bag

Little Bear Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee roaster with two cafe locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Our desire is not only to provide this city with quality coffee, but to do so humbly, welcoming all who might join us for a cup. 


Our mission is simple: Love People. Use Coffee. 

In order to do that well, excellence is an absolute must. From the farmers who source the beans we carry to the customers whose cups we fill, our dedication is to uphold the value and dignity of human life through this craft.


We are passionate about education and we work hard to give each person who walks through our doors every tool necessary to learn alongside us. Teachers are only as effective as they are teachable, and whether a beginner or a enthusiast, everyone has room to grow, and everyone needs a safe space to grow in. We hope we can be that kind of space to you.


New Mexico’s nickname is the Land of Enchantment and this city - smack dab in the middle of it - is a city that we love. We exist for and because of the people who make it beautiful, and the culture that enchants it. We are a diverse community - racially, spiritually, economically. In a melting pot where temptations might exist to equate “differences” with “divisions,” coffee acts as an incredible unifier, and sharing a cup gives us the opportunity to celebrate one another’s uniqueness.


We look forward to welcoming you as an honorary “little bear” and we hope your day is just a little bit brighter because you had a cup of Little Bear Coffee!


Villa Myriam

Farm Dark Roast

Our Dark Roast Celebrates the art off a Rich Colombian coffee at its finest. the intense aroma of smokey dark chocolate, Fresh Tabacco, and aged wood, with its mellow acidity, create a beautiful balanced cup with a Rich Smooth flavor and long lasting finish.


Tasting Notes: Smokey Dark aged cocoa Ripe Citrus Rich and balanced

Region: Piendamo Cauca Growing Altitude: 1600 -2000 masl Arabica Variety: Castillo Caturra Variedad Colombia

Milling Process: Washed sun Dried

12oz Bag

The production and roasting of coffee is a honed art, and mastering its techniques and strategy takes time, talent, and above all, tradition. The history of Villa Myriam is steeped in this tradition, coming from a humble beginning.

“In the mid-1960’s, my grandfather built a hacienda in the legendary region of Piendamó, Colombia. It was here that he planted his coffee fields and as a dedication to his daughter Myriam, named it Villa Myriam, which has since yielded some of the best coffee that Colombia is well known for.

During my time in Colombia, I spent my time playing in and racing through the fields of Villa Myriam, and from a young age began to learn the craft of coffee. My grandfather taught me how to pick and sort through coffee beans or “cherries”, as he called them, because of their red color. I learned to remove the flesh from inside the berry and then dry the inside of the bean. My grandfather, along with time and practice, taught me how to sort through different beans to determine which would be best for certain kinds of coffee using his refined senses of smell, sight, touch, and taste. Overtime his production skills grew to perfection and to align his roasting skills, I completed the Roasters Guild of America retreat in Oregon in 2018. Here, I trained with the best roasters in the world from the US, China, Australia, Greece, Italy and elsewhere, who all gathered to share their best learned practices and elevate coffee to a new level!”David

With deep rooted tradition and an innate sense of craftsmanship, David is steeped in the art of coffee and has built Villa Myriam Coffee to reflect his passion, love, and family history of it!

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Market Box

Featuring Handpicked Artisanal Items from Local NM Brand Meraki Coffee + Market 

All items are hand-crafted, all natural, 

no fake sugars or additives

Image by Tina Witherspoon

Sunset Club

Cocktail Starter Kit Featuring Premium Hand-Crafted Shrub Cocktail Mixes